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จาก 2007 ถึง 2009 วงการ เทนนิส มีอะไรเปลี่ยนไปบ้าง ?

2007 Gear of the Year

Tennis Magazine's favorite new equipment from 2007

1. Best Game-Day Shoe: Nike Air Max Breathe Cage
When you’re looking for dependable shoes to take to battle with you, they have to provide stability, cushioning, and support without suffocating your feet. The Breathe Cage gets a big check in each of those categories.

2. Best Racquet Innovation: Prince Speedport Tuning System
In 2007, Prince introduced Speedport racquets, which expanded on the company’s previous O3 technology by enlarging the size of the grommetless O Port string holes and making them rectangular. Net result: They allow the strings to move more freely on impact for a bigger sweet spot with a soft, damp feel. While many players appreciate the deadened sensation, others prefer a crisper response. So when Prince released two Speedport racquets in the advanced category last summer, the Black and the Tour, each came with string-hole inserts (in effect, grommets) that could be placed in the ports before stringing and give the racquet a stiffer string bed and a traditional feel. The extra weight of the inserts also enhances stability. The Speedport Tuning System is a clever option for the discriminating player.

3. Favorite Shades: Maui Jim Breakwater and Bollé Score
Competivision lenses from Bollé are designed to mute all colors except the yellow of the ball so it pops during play. And while Maui Jim is better known in the surfi ng world, the hingeless frame and lightweight shield on its Breakwater glasses make them a comfortable and stylish option for protecting your eyes on court.

4. Most Fashionable Attire: Nike Sharapova Day and Evening dresses
Nike did something smart last year—it had tennis-shop owners order the dress that Maria Sharapova would be wearing for her day-session matches at the U.S. Open before the tournament started. By the time Sharapova strutted her stuff on TV, the outfi t, a black-and-white Dri-FIT dress with mesh in the upper chest, was waiting. Sharapova’s evening dress, a fl ame-red number similar to her day dress only with a keyhole back and 600 Swarovski crystals, was released (sans the crystals) after the Open. If you ask us, it’s just the right combination of fashion and function.

5. Coolest Collectors’ Item: Wilson [K] Factor Federer Limited Edition Super-Six racquet bag
Roger Federer took home his fourth consecutive U.S. Open crown in 2007, and this was the bag he brought on the court for each match. It holds six racquets, has the same color scheme as Federer’s [K] Factor 6.1 Tour, and bears the likeness of his signature.

6. Favorite New Player Frames: Head MicroGEL Extreme and Dunlop Aerogel 5Hundred Tour
These two racquets look alike and were designed with certain players in mind: aggressive hitters who put a lot of pace and spin on their shots. They’ll find plenty to like in either of these impressive new sticks.

7. Hottest Trend: Hybrid strings
Hybrids, which consist of one type of string for the mains and another for the crosses, are nothing new on the pro tours, but their popularity at the recreational level has skyrock-eted. Combining a resilient string for durability and a soft synthetic for playability means you get the best of what each has to offer. Higher demand has prompted manufacturers to prepackage hybrids, such as Wilson Champions Choice, making it much easier for stringers and players to put them together.

8. Most Innovative Shoes: Prince M Series
It’s not easy to customize a shoe, but Prince’s M Series does the next best thing by coming up with a series of shoes modifi ed for players’ particular needs. The M stands for “maximum” and the three shoes in the M Series all have a special emphasis: C for cushioning, V for ventilation, and S for stability (the last in men’s only). With tweaks to the construction, each model offers more help in one of those three categories.

9. Best Sleeper Stick: Dunlop Aerogel 7Hundred
Dunlop isn’t known for game-improvement racquets, but the Aerogel 7Hundred has done a lot to change that. It’s com-fortable and offers plenty of giddyup without feeling like a launching pad.

10. Best New Accessory: Tourna Grip II
This venerable blue grip has been a familiar sight on racquet han-dles since the days of disco, so perhaps it was due for an update. The sequel is a bit more tacky and resilient than the original and is a welcome addition to the overgrip category. It’s available in three-, 10-, and 30-grip packs.

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